The 2021 edition for the CRS AGM was held in a webinar format: the first webinar was devoted to proposals for new projects and the second webinar was devoted to the annual reports of the working groups. To start with the latter: Substantial progress was made over a broad range of research topics. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, researchers had to meet in a sequence of video meetings, where they presented and discussed their results.

In the ‘proposals webinar’, six high quality proposals for new projects were presented. A proposal for continuation of the SUM (Software User Support and Maintenance) project received unanimous support. Another software proposal, on co-simulation as a methodology for joint development of time domain simulation software, was also approved with wide support. From the other four proposals, the members selected the projects below. These projects will start in 2022 and will run for three years

  • CONVIRT: Improved Response Predictions and Better Applications
  • CTRL-LIFT: Controlled Lifting Surfaces
  • FUSION: Applications of Data Driven Methodologies